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3 days of EPIC riding.

Day 1 Chris and I road Alpine, Windberry, Tire Mountain EPIC. 24 miles.  We rode with the MTBR posse.  Great trails and great friends. At the completion of day one my legs were tired! While we only climbed about 3000′ total, it seemed like a lot more.   The length of the ride was perfect.  Any more I probably would have bonked.

Day 2 we road the Middle Fork Willamette Trail. 28 miles.  This is a river trail that has short hike a bikes and long downhill decents.  Amazing flow.  Our shuttle bus blew a tire out 5 miles out from the trailhead, so we did a 5 mile pre-ride on the road.  Then about mile 18, we encountered a hornet’s nest on the trail where, at least three of us got stung multiple times.  I got hit in the ear and thumb.  Chris got it in the calf twice.  Our guide got stung in the lip,  which blew up like a balloon.  This was an awesome trail.  MBO ended this ride with a bikes for beer program.  Put your bike in the truck and get a beer!  Happy ending…

Day 3 we road up to the top of Larison Rock. 12 miles.  We weren’t able to catch a shuttle to the top so we decide to ride the 5 miles up.  about an hour later we reached the peak and enjoyed the view.  The decend was flowey and fast.   This was the perfect way to end the trip.  We didn’t see any other riders that ride and it was great considering we rode with 30+ people the last 2 days.

This was probably some of the best trails I’ve ever rode.  Had a blast, the beer was great, and the people were friendly.

This is a must go to event.

Video decent of Larison Rock Trail.

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Disneyland 2009

What a trip. We spent 6 days at Disney and it was great. My parents came and played for 3 days and had a great time. They actually went on space mountain!!! (on accident)

Tulia went on a bunch of roller coaster rides. Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad, Matterhorn, Mulholland Express, and even the Twilight zone tower of terror, although she didn’t like that one.

Nolan went on some of the smaller rides. He also wasn’t too afraid of the characters. Mostly just acted shy…

It was hecktic flying with Nolan because he doesn’t sit still. But it was very fun…

Videos to follow.

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