Tulia in October

I try to pick out just the best pictures to post online but this time I couldn’t narrow it down.  They are all too cute not to share.  Tulia visited grandpa’s house and at the hospital after he had knee surgery.  Grandpa was very happy to see her as was she.  Tulia also got to visit with Uncle Jeff and Aunt Sara.

Tulia also went to her first haircut at Lollipop cut’s for kids.  Let’s just say she didn’t enjoy the experience as much as we did.  There is also a great picture of Tulia’s crazy hair before the haircut while she is taking a bath…

Tulia also went over to Sean and Julie’s house to visit Kyle and newly born Kate.  Tulia is also excited for the arrival of her new friend Casey.

Tulia also has been appreciating Scout the dog.  She gave a 10 minute love session to the dog the other day.  See for yourself.

Tulia continues to eat more and more normal food.  Although lately she has started blowing raspberries when she doesn’t like the food.  The other day she launched a piece of avocado out of her mouth.  Dad couldn’t help but laugh, but Mommy wasn’t amused.

Tulia also has been cruising along furniture more and more.  She also will continue to stand without holding on to anything without realizing it.  Then she notices that she is standing by herself and finds something to cling to.  Tulia has been enjoying the Teeter-taughter at the park as well.  She is really daring now.  Grandma taught Tulia a new trick.  Now she puts her fingers together when my mom says bug bug in Chinese.

Another new thing is that Tulia has started to crawl between our legs more often.  Like a cat rubbing against you…

Lastly, Tulia has developed stranger anxiety.  Although it seems that certain people she is naturally comfortable with.  Mom, Dad, Grandma, Aunt Sara, and Aunt Jenn she is ok with.  Some others she is ok with sometimes.  The rest she is just plain afraid of…  It’s weird but expected at this point in her life.  The weird thing is that she loves to be around people.  But she is afraid of them holding her or being alone with them…

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